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Monterey, CA


Short Term Health Insurance in Monterey, CA

In a world prone to rising prescription and doctor visit costs, it’s prudent to purchase the best short term health insurance available. As a premier health insurance provider in Monterey, CA, Poroy Insure offers a way for you to tend to your medical needs without breaking the bank.

Don't Compromise on Health Coverage

At Poroy Insure, our goal is to offer you the short term health insurance plan that best serves your needs. With our short term health insurance coverage, you’ll get:

  • Coverage when you need it the most
  • A pay scale that is sensitive to your economic situation
  • The prescriptions you need to feel good, fight illness, and lead an active life

Whether you're a current student or a seasoned professional in between jobs, we have a short term health insurance plan that will fit your lifestyle. Call Poroy Insure today and get yourself the coverage you need.